Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crafty, Crafty

The other night, while keeping Robin awake as she labored over her little bags, I whipped up a few things! I felt so guilty that I was "whipping up" and she was trudging along.

Here is my set of 6 coasters that I made. I used this pattern and pulled some red and blue fabrics from my stash. I cut them that afternoon and put them together during our late night. They are so easy and so much fun. I can just envision all the possibilities. Way too cute!

The next day they found their new home in my kitchen next my stove where I have my antique spice rack and my coffee spoon rest. Today I turned them on the diagonal - much cuter!

Then I "whipped up" some quilt squares for my turquoise and brown quilt. I have had my fabric cut and I had matched up all my blocks at our last craft night. So I have just been waiting to sit down and sew. And I did. These squares make up 1/4 of the quilt top. There are three other layouts of 8 blocks each. I love how they turned out and I can't wait to see the whole quilt together.

Then today at the library I checked out some basic crocheting books for a refresher course. I think the last time I crocheted was Junior High, so I might need more refreshing than I think. But anyway, I am anxious to start this afghan I saw at that new blog that I love - in the very same colors! It just makes me happy when I look at it.

I love creating!

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mom-in-training said...

I just love it all so much! I printed out that coaster pattern and I keep eyeing it. I am fighting a strong urge to go up to where I keep my fabric stash and see what I've got to make my own set of coasters. They are just too cute!