Thursday, May 17, 2007

Creating to the break of day

Well, not literally the break of day, but 11:30 pm at least.

Robin and I did our part last night to get some creativity in. We got back to having our quilting/craft night. We hadn't done one since before Michael was born, but since he is in more of a routine now, we thought we could do it. We worked from 9:30ish to 11:30ish. I worked on a quilt, she made a test version of a really cute crayon bag and we sipped coffee. We also did our fair share of gabbing.

Had fun dear friend!

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mom-in-training said...

Me, too!!! Did you get any more done today? Not me, though it has called to me from it's spot in the dining room, where I set it last night after I walked in the door. Just don't have time today. We must have another quilt/craft night soon! It's so much fun gabbing - I mean quilting - with you! :)