Friday, May 18, 2007

More nature observation

After writing that post on nature observation in the local ditch, I think it interesting that I would have another interesting opportunity to observe today. We were just outside in our backyard and I was perusing our flowers and plants, plucking deadheads and the like. When what to my wandering eyes did appear?????? Spittlebug! My Marigolds are full of Spittlebug! I find myself a bit excited at this find. Before having kids, I would have been utterly grossed out and tossed the plant. But now I am giddy at the thought that we would actually see a book we have only read about in books. You see! It really is all in one small sqaure of the yard! I was giddy enough to take pictures! All right - not jsut the spittlebug!

My lovely Lantana!

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