Friday, May 04, 2007


That one word describes my kids' favorite dinner time meals lately. Plain and simple. Just plain old meat. As much as I tend to prefer my meats dressed up with seasonings and lovely colorful veggies or mixed up in a casserole, these kids of mine have been enjoying meat in its plainest forms. I think it is growing on me too. And it is certainly much healthier for a Mom whose back on her Weight Watchers wagon. Here's a few samples of winners over the past couple of weeks.

Plain Old Chicken Number One

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Season chicken with salt and pepper. Cook in a skillet until done. The end.

A Little Less Plain Old Chicken Number Two

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Garlic powder
Bottle of BBQ sauce, your choice

Put chicken in baking dish. Sprinkle garlic powder on top. Spread BBQ sauce on top. Bake at 375. The end.

Ribs a la Crockpot

Pork spareribs
Onion, sliced
Bottle of BBQ sauce, your choice

Brown ribs in skillet. Put ribs in crockpot. Layer in onions and top with BBQ sauce. Cook for 6-8 hours on low. The end.

It just doesn't get much easier than this for a mom with four little bitties and its all really tasty.


Michelle said...

I make my ribs the same way, except that instead of browning them in a skillet, I cover them in the crockpot with water and cook for about 5 hours, then drain and add the onions and BBQ sauce and cook for another 5 hours. I LOVE ribs cooked this way. Thanks for reminding me - I haven't had them in months. Guess I know what's for dinner on Sunday!

mom-in-training said...

We just had your BBQ chicken recipe the other night. Too easy and too good! :)