Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Really cute...

This was in an email I received from Catholic Heritage Curriculum and I thought it was fun.

You Know You're Homeschooling When...
...the Math class lasts four hours.
...recess lasts five hours.
...the 'cafeteria cook' is a 2nd grader.
...your teacher comes to school in her bathrobe.
...the teacher knows that the baby really did tear up your homework. don't have to stand in a drenching rain to wait for the school bus. don't need to worry which teacher you'll have next year. get to help pick your textbooks, and they uphold the Faith.
Courtesy of Laura Nicholson

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Crafty Mom said...

I couldn't agree more. Lately all I hear is how parents are worried about what teacher there kids will get next year, and how they will adjust... What their plans are for the summer and how they won't be able to wait until summer is over to send them back to school...

I know who my kids' teacher is next year. ME. I know what they will study for the most part. I know we will continue plodding along in a relaxed manner this summer. And I know how much I would miss them if they went to school in August.