Friday, May 04, 2007

Free Friday!

We are finished with our homeschool co-op for the year, so now we have Fridays FREE! As usual, we finished our lessons the first four days of the week and now today we are just playing. It is nice. Even though we enjoy co-op, it is a pleasant break to not have to get up and rush out the door at 8am. So we went about our normal morning minus Jacob's lessons. I made the kids a play house of sorts and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen SOOOOOO needed it!). The kids are being very creative in their little hideout, all except Andrew who abandoned it an hour ago for better entertainment - the big green vacuum.

Monkey at breakfast this morning!

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Melissa said...

These pictures are so cute! I especially love the one of monkey at the breakfast table--Caitlyn does that exact same thing with her Pooh Bear...she even makes me set out his own bowl of honey!

It sounds as though you all are having a wonderful morning. I loved "hearing" the cheer that shone through this post!

(My poor children are being held captive in my bedroom this morning, entertaining themselves with a pile of books and coloring books while I doze in and out of sleep. I worked all night but Darren promises to be home by noon so I can get some "real" sleep!)

Have a great weekend, Celeste!