Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Baptism Michael!

Today is a momentous day! Another little Christian was born into God's family. Earlier today we celebrated the beautiful Sacrament of Michael's Baptism. Family and friends were there to celebrate and it was just beautiful. The ceremony was lovely in its formality and informality. It was formal purely because of the beauty of the Sacrament and the Rite itself. It was informal and personal because it was smaller than before (not as many different babies) and Father Skip did a beautiful job explaining everything and making the families a part of everything.

As I held him later this afternoon and fed him, I was struck by the wonder of it all. I looked at his little person. He didn't look different. He didn't act different. But he was incredibly different! He was not the same Michael he had been just a few short hours before! He was forever changed. How easy it is to forget this during the busyness of everyday life. Yes, he is my son, but he is not mine. He belongs to God. He is a gift, a loan. And today we made a promise to do our best to ensure that he returns to God in good condition. How precious a gift.

Michael, newly baptized, wearing the gown that Brian's mom made by hand and that has been worn by all the children. It is so beautiful. The children's names are embroidered around the bottom of the gown. We so treasure this special garment of grace!

Another photo of the newest little Christian!

This is our Pastor, Father Skip, and a volunteer altar server, Nick, getting ready to anoint the chest of the other baby being baptized. We were so excited when Father asked Jacob if he would like to assist him by holding the vial of oil. Jacob practically ran up to help. What a blessed moment!

Father Skip blesses the waters of Baptism. I loved this photo because of the perspective. I love how you can see the Crucifix so beautifully.

The moment of Michael's Baptism. Hooray, precious one! All the children came up to participate. His godparents are my sister, Jamie, and her husband, Mark. That is my sister in the photo, but that is not her husband. That is my other sister's husband, Noel. Because Mark was going to be out of town, we had Noel stand in as a proxy. We sure missed having Mark there.

Our little family, my sister, my brother-in-law and Father Skip.

The whole group! We always love to have a photo of everyone who came to the Baptism. My mom and dad and sisters are to my right and Brian's parents are to his left. And of course, Robin's family and Michele's family. It wouldn't be the same without everybody there!

One of the most important pictures of the day !!!! The cake!!!!! Thanks to my mom and the Cake Lady Bakery!

Nicole and Nathan having fun while eating lunch afterwards. Ham, salads, fruit, baked beans and LOTS of cake!

All the big kids sat in the front hall to eat. And, yes, that is my big foot in the photo, but notice the really cute sandal on the foot!
My dearest, most handsomest, most wonderfulest husband and his sweet baby Michael. I love you both!

Later in the evening the kids ate a little dinner on the patio out back and we opened all the generous gifts Michael received. I think Michael was sleeping.

It was a wonderful day! I love you, Michael, and I couldn't be happier to be your Mommy and have the job of leading you towards Christ. I will give you my best!

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Melissa said...

Celeste, this post brought tears (of the happiest sort!) to my eyes! What an absolutely perfect day! I love the way you describe the miracle of baptism in your second paragraph, that our children are on loan for just a little while and that it is our job to ensure their safe return. Beautiful!

And that gown...oh, Celeste! How very precious! Can you imagine someday, your children's children wearing that very same gown? Wouldn't that be amazing?!

I LOVE all the photos, especially the whole group! I was so happy to finally have faces to put with some of the people who I know are so dear to you. How wonderful that they were all there to celebrate with you!

Congratulations, little Michael!