Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Loveliness of Gardens

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I think this statement is so true where gardens are concerned. What is lovely to me may not be so lovely to anyone else. But, then, maybe that's what makes all gardens so beautiful - they are prized, they are loved, they are treasured.

I wasn't sure about whether or not I should submit a post for this fair, seeing as how my garden isn't terribly special or dazzling. I have no particular rhyme or reason as to why I plant what I plant or where I plant it. I am a chronic transplanter, moving many of our specimens multiple times over the years. I plant and then the scorching Houston heat takes its toll. My yard and its gardens are ordinary. Suburban home with a suburban fenced in yard with grass and trees. But I love my yard. In fact, we had recently considered buying a new home which in the end didn't work out. Since then, I have thought about how much I love my yard and my kitchen windows that bring it into view as I cook and clean. I would certainly miss it.

My garden is loved. My garden is prized. My garden is treasured. I love its coolness and breeziness in the late afternoons and evenings. I love its shade trees. I love its flowers and vegetables and shrubs. And, most of all, I love the children who explore it and delight in it daily.

I would say my mother taught me how to garden, but I am not sure I got as many of her super gardener genes as I would have liked. She was President of the Garden Club when my sisters were younger and she is so knowledgeable about everything planted. She can grow anything with success and is faithful in her tending of her own gardens. She loves it. I want to love it as much as she does.

Our garden this year is coming along nicely, even after a late start (new babies in February do that, you know). Brian rebuilt and expanded our vegetable garden and I planted a few new things. I am not finished there is so much more I would like to do. And I know all the other lovely ladies participating in this fair will have much inspiration for me.

I suppose I will end this with some photos of our garden/yard. And then I think I will turn on my screen saver and go enjoy that outdoor space I have so lovingly contemplated. It is beckoning me. Its beauty calls to me. I should listen and follow.

One of my favorite purchases this year and I plan to buy a few more. Nothing makes me feel happier and more cheerful than when I look upon these geraniums.

I must say these daisies make me feel pretty delightful too. They are one of my all time favorite flowers. They are always so cheerful. They last a long time either cut or in the pot. And they keep blooming year after year here in my yard.

This year I was so excited to add these lovely native Texas Bluebonnets - our state flower. This photo is from several weeks ago. Now they are beginning to die back and go to seed. But that is fine. It just means more beautiful Bluebonnets next year!

Purple Petunias -couldn't be prettier!

These are one of my favorite flowers growing each year. They are from my lovely rose bushes just underneath my kitchen window. When I let the bushes grow tall, I can see the blooms through my window. This particular variety (Melody Parfume, I believe) has the MOST heavenly smell. The children love to cut them and bring them in to me.

This is a favorite area of mine. I love our statue and I love the mix of things around Our Lady - Dianthus, Hawthorne, Jasmine, Hibiscus and "grassy things." When the Hibiscus blooms, it promises to be even more lovely with soft shades of pink.

These may look like weeds, but they should turn out to be some lovely wildflowers that we planted from seeds - our little experiment.

Another favorite area of mine surrounding our statue of St. Francis. I love the mix of things here, as well.

Our squash blossom. Soon we hope to see not only a blossom, but a beautiful yellow crookneck squash. We can't wait!!! But what a lovely way for squash to begin.


mom-in-training said...

It all looks so lovely! I have never tried planting wildflower seeds, but I may have to do that sometime. I'll see how yours do. :)

Instead of replying to your other recent post, let me just say it here. I am SO HAPPY you are still residing down the street. A best friend who is also your neighbor doesn't come along that often! :)

Jane Ramsey said...

Beautiful garden, Celeste. You've arranged it so nicely, especially the plantings around the statues.

Matilda said...

I think it is gorgeous! Very homey (as in it makes your house a home) and well loved is what I see. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

I think your gardens are great!

scmom said...

I'm a big fan of those daisies too - and you have such a glorious long growing season in Texas. Beautiful pictures.

betty said...

The heat and humidity in your area must be just what your garden likes! Everything looks great! I also enjoyed your slide show...beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - I love crook neck yellow squash - especially sauteed with a bit of bacon, sliced onion, salt and pepper - tastes like summertime to me! :)